How to Pick an Asbestos Lawyer


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how to pick an asbestos lawyer

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How to Pick an Asbestos Lawyer

Choosing an attorney an important decision. Many people suffering from mesothelioma have never needed a lawyer until they've been diagnosed with this life threatening cancer. Here are some questions you should ask any lawyer you are considering hiring for your mesothelioma claim:

  1. What experience do you have in asbestos cases?
    Many law firms now advertise for mesothelioma cases even though they have little to no asbestos litigation experience. However, mesothelioma litigation requires special knowledge of medical and scientific issues, an understanding of what asbestos companies knew or should have known about the hazards of asbestos, the products and trades involved and many other issues that are unique to asbestos cases. You need a lawyer that has extensive, and successful asbestos litigation experience to handle your case.
  2. How many mesothelioma victims have you represented?
    You need a lawyer that has represented numerous mesothelioma victims. A lawyer experienced in representing mesothelioma victims will be familiar with the legal, medical and exposures issues that are likely to be involved in your case as well as the potential responsible asbestos companies.
  3. Will you be the attorney handling my claim or will others work on the case?
    Many asbestos law firms have hundreds or thousands of case files where more than one lawyer may be assigned to different aspects of your case — a method which can result in an unfocused and bureaucratic approach. You want one primary lawyer to work on many of the aspects of your case. A personal one-on-one approach to your case is likely to lead to a more thorough knowledge of your case, a focused strategy, and a better result.

We're confident that you'll be impressed by DuBose Law Firm, PLLC. We have the experience, knowledge and caring, personal approach to representation that you need to help you through this difficult matter. For a free consultation concerning your legal rights, you can speak directly with Ben DuBose by filling out our contact form or by calling us at 214-389-8199 or toll free at